Jordan Haber, an unlikely contender, has caused a stir in the basketball world. The TikTok user, who has never played college basketball, has discovered a legal loophole, securing his eligibility for the 2023 NBA Draft.

Haber, who is set to attend Cardozo Law in New York this fall, happened upon the opportunity while perusing the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement. “I thought it would be good reading material and a way to learn more about sports and entertainment law,” he explained to KTLA.

The agreement provided the crucial loopholes for Haber to stake his claim – be part of this year’s graduating class, provide 60 days notice with a letter of intent, and complete the necessary official paperwork.

The venture began as a bet amongst friends, challenging Haber to find a way into the NBA Draft. Now, as an official contender, Haber jests that his friends “won’t be satisfied until I get a picture with commissioner Adam Silver on draft night.”

Viral Sensation Sparks Wholesome Fandom

Haber’s TikTok revelation has since gone viral, racking up over a million views. Supporters from all corners of the internet have rallied behind him, hoping he gets drafted for the sheer novelty and marketing potential.

Reflecting on the viral sensation, Haber expressed his delight at the positivity it has sparked. “People are having a lot of fun with it and are really rooting for me. It shows there is a good side to social media,” he shared.

His story serves as an unconventional example of dream chasing, showing that creativity and thinking outside the box can lead to unexpected opportunities.

Haber intends to travel to New York to attend the draft personally and document his unique journey. As the basketball world watches this unusual prospect, Haber’s story is already a win, serving as a testament to the surprises and joy that social media can bring.

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