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Conflicts of Interest

At Sudoken, some of our staff have worked with or at companies we cover in our articles. We also have former employees who joined those companies. Our editors oversee our content to avoid conflicts of interest, considering the type of content and resources available. If a Sudoken staff member has worked with a company we cover, we make sure another writer or employee handles the coverage.

Our editorial team establishes professional relationships with people at the companies we cover. If close personal or family relationships develop, they must disclose them to their editor, who will decide if it affects their ability to provide unbiased coverage.

Content Coverage

Sudoken produces diverse content, including news, reviews, interviews, tips, and guides. We receive some information from publishers, studios, and manufacturers via press releases or their media channels. We also create in-depth content using other sources, always striving to verify information from multiple sources. We protect the identity of anonymous sources, but their identity must be proven to our editorial staff. We credit and link to original sources when using information from other publications or content creators. Images are also credited to their creator or publisher.

Before publishing non-public information, we try to get a comment from the involved companies or people.

We report on rumors and leaks, ensuring information comes from reliable sources and contacting the involved companies to verify or deny rumors.

Corrections and Updates

At Sudoken, we publish numerous articles weekly, many needing updates to stay relevant. This could involve new information in a developing story, an updated recommendation, or additional tips after a game update. To maintain transparency and accountability, we correct factual errors in stories and add a note explaining the error and the correction. If an error significantly changes the article’s meaning, we update the piece with the new information and explain the errors near the beginning.

We generally don’t remove content from our website. In rare cases, usually involving legal matters, we may remove an article. If this occurs, an editor’s note will explain the removal reason where the original article existed.

AI Policy

Like many news platforms we use AI to assist with daily tasks. Our journalists use these tools to improve our grammar and style. (i.e. Grammarly) Editors will always fact check articles, especially AI assisted ones. For images we use the industry standard AI tools to color correct, crop, and edit. (i.e. Lightroom) As it advances, we will ensure our use of AI remains ethical and inline with best newsroom practices.

Sponsored Content

Sudoken features advertising from our content partnerships with brands that sponsor some of our articles. This funding allows us to create more of the entertaining content you enjoy. Most content on is written by our editorial team and is independent of advertising or sponsorship. However, we also collaborate with brands interested in sponsoring specific article types or custom articles about their products, services, or events.

To maintain trust with you, our readers, we are transparent when producing articles in partnership with brands, clearly labeling them as “Advertisement Feature” or “Supported Editorial.”

These articles are written by Sudoken writers who occasionally collaborate with our partners to gather information about their products. As these features are funded by our partners, they include external links to their products.

Our commitment to responsible advertising is shown through these guidelines:

General Ad Guidelines

  1. Ads must follow all relevant laws, regulations, and online advertising standards.
  2. Ads cannot show false, misleading, or dishonest content.
  3. Ads must not spread spam, harmful code, or cause disruptions.
  4. Ads should be truthful about the advertiser’s identity and products.
  5. Ads cannot support discrimination or harm to underrepresented groups, directly or indirectly.
  6. Sudoken reserves the right to reject any ad or client for any reason.

Affiliate Links

Sudoken uses affiliate links. This common practice in digital media offers retail links for readers to easily buy the featured products. For instance, if we review a new computer, game, or Amazon show, we may include a link to a retailer or streaming service where you can purchase the product if you’re interested. If you click the product link, we’ll earn a small commission on any purchases from the linked retailer. Affiliate links appear in various articles on Sudoken. We’re always transparent with our audience and provide a disclaimer for these links.