Grace Van Dien, also known as Bluefille, has joined FaZe Clan. Van Dien, primarily recognized for her portrayal of Chrissy Cunningham in the fourth season of Stranger Things.

The announcement has been coupled with a content piece titled “Meet FaZe Bluefille,” where Van Dien herself discusses her vision for her gaming future and the challenges of navigating a male-dominated industry. An animation featuring an anime version of FaZe Bluefille interacting with notable friends including Valkyrae, Pokimane, Disguised Toast, Amouranth, Tarik, and Sykkuno has been released to mark the occasion.

Van Dien explained in her video sometimes a username chooses you. She shared how she got her name Bluefille, “Fille means girl in French. I wanted blue girl but it was taken. And I love French. So…”

Commenting on her inclusion, Grace Van Dien expressed her excitement in collaborating with FaZe. She likened streaming to finding an online family where she hopes FaZe will be her offline one as well. FaZe Nate Hill, a prominent member of the clan, also said in the press announcement “She’s also super talented – people know her as an actress but she’s carried me on Valorant more than a few times.”

Grace Van Dien aka FaZe Bluefille sits for an interview at Faze Clan’s headquarters. Credit: Courtest / FaZe Holdings

A native of California, Grace’s journey with video games started during her childhood, thanks to her father, Casper Van Dien. Today, boasting over 6.2 million followers across all platforms and generating over 106 million social views and engagements in 2022, Grace is set to join the league of iconic female gamers. Her content creation will revolve around her everyday life and VALORANT gameplay, featuring collaborations with popular streamers.

Erik Anderson, the freshly appointed President of FaZe Clan, expressed eagerness to work alongside her to help diversify the roles women have in the gaming ecosystem.

FaZe Bluefille’s induction follows the footsteps of other female FaZe Clan members like FaZe Kalei and FaZe’s all-female Valorant team participating in the 2023 Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Game Changers Series, further strengthening the female representation in the organization.

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