The feud between Creator Clash founder iDubbbz and YouTuber Froggy Fresh has escalated, with both parties publicly addressing the issue in separate videos. Froggy Fresh was initially scheduled to compete against ChrisRayGun in Creator Clash 2, but was removed from the event following controversial remarks about iDubbbz’s wife, Anisa, and affiliations with contentious creator Sam Hyde.

iDubbbz posted a video on May 3, explaining his decision to kick Froggy Fresh from Creator Clash 2. He cited Fresh’s association with Sam Hyde, who made sexist and insulting comments seemingly daily about Anisa. “The main reason FroggyFresh was kicked from the card was collaborating with Sam Hyde.” iDubbbz revealed.

For those who watch the video, you can pause and see all the text messages between iDubbbz Fresh, discussing Hyde’s behavior and its potential impact on the event.

Froggy Fresh responded to iDubbbz’s video on May 5, revealing a letter allegedly sent to him by Creator Clash’s legal team. Posted on Twitter, the letter appears to threaten litigation and demands the refund of a $15,000 advance given to Fresh for his training. Froggy Fresh claims he only began publicly criticizing the event after being kicked and receiving the letter.

Creator Clash denies they were perusing legal actions against Fresh. “We weren’t suing Froggy. We have no interest in going to court over $15,000.” iDubbbz stated. “We wanted the $15,000 back, but, he you know, wasn’t giving it to us.” He then commented he was happy just walking away from the conflict.

iDubbbz’s video received mixed reactions, with some fans siding with Froggy Fresh, accusing iDubbbz of wanting to control Fresh’s friendships and content. Despite the ongoing drama, Creator Clash 2 proceeded with William Haynes replacing Froggy Fresh on the fight card. The conflict between iDubbbz and Froggy Fresh highlights the complexities of organizing influencer-based events and the potential for disagreements to escalate into public feuds.

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