In a surprising upload, Linus Sebastian, the founder of the tech media behemoth Linus Media Group, has announced his departure from the CEO role. His new role as Chief Vision Officer will take effect on July 1. Sebastian assured viewers his new role will free him up for more on-camera appearances.

Sebastian, who made the announcement in a video on the Linus Tech Tips channel, clarified he is not retiring from the company. Despite a tempting $100 million offer to do so, he is instead shifting his focus within the company. As Chief Vision Officer, Sebastian will contribute to the company’s creative direction while maintaining his on-camera presence.

The CEO mantle will now be carried by Terren Tong, who was Sebastian’s former superior at NCIX.

Sebastian candidly discussed his departure from the CEO role. “The truth is, I was never cut out to be a CEO,” he confessed. Despite his notable strengths, he admitted his weaknesses rendered him unsuitable for the CEO role. Nevertheless, his talents lie in creating and envisioning content, which will be vital in his new role.

He assured viewers that his and his wife, Yvonne, still retain sole ownership of Linus Media Group, dismissing any rumors of corporate buyouts. The pair had previously turned down a lucrative $100 million offer for the company, which would have granted Sebastian 60% cash and 40% equity.

Introducing the New CEO: Terren Tong

Terren Tong at the ‘The Roast of Linus Sebastian’. Tong has been announced as the new Linus Tech Tips CEO. Credit: Courtesy / Linus Tech Tips

Sebastian’s CEO successor, Terren Tong, has a long history with him dating back to their time at NCIX. Praising Tong’s management skills, Sebastian described him as one of the few individuals capable of managing him effectively.

Tong’s rich background includes successful tenures at Corsair from 2012 to 2021 and subsequently at Dell. Sebastian noted these experiences had honed Tong’s skills to the point that both companies resisted any attempts to hire him away.

This transition represents a significant change in the Linus Tech Tips company while ensuring the continued presence of its beloved founder, Linus Sebastian.

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