Dream, Popular Minecraft YouTuber, has announced a return to his masked persona, deleting all images from his face reveal after receiving negative reactions. Dream, who has accumulated over 30 million subscribers on YouTube, was known for maintaining his identity as a secret, represented online only by fan-made avatars and a signature mask.

Dream’s highly anticipated face reveal in October 2022 met with severe criticism and mockery, a contrast to the elation expressed by many of his followers and peers in the content creation industry. Social media users targeted his physical appearance, leading to widespread backlash.

Credit: Dream / YouTube

In recent videos titled “bye, from Dream,” he discussed his regret regarding the face reveal, the unexpected hateful response, and his decision to revert to his masked identity. He stated that despite the public knowing his appearance, he would be “slowly” deleting all pictures of himself from the internet, seeking a return to his pre-face reveal identity.

“I will slowly be deleting all pictures of me online, and going back to just being a gamer in a mask. Starting with my MrBeast Video, and my Face Reveal video, ‘Hi, I’m Dream.’ I will be walking it back. I will be getting rid of everything other than my new mask,” Dream said in his video.

Dream Dons New Mask

Dream’s new mask, created by the same company that fashioned Spider-Man and Batman masks, will allow him to keep his identity concealed even in public spaces. In the video description, Dream wrote, “After face revealing and removing my mask, I regretted the attention and hate, and am walking it back.”

According to the designers, the mask took several prototypes to perfect. The mask itself is 3d printed from laser fused nylon powder. It’s hand painted and reinforced as its expected to be worn everyday.

He expressed gratitude to his supporters, saying, “Thank you all from the bottom of my heart to those that supported me, even though I am ugly. I appreciate you all more than you could ever know, and I will be working on my face while I’m masked again.”

Despite the recent changes, Dream is still set to headline VidCon Anaheim later this month. Whether he will continue this new direction remains to be seen, but for now, Dream seems committed to reclaiming his iconic masked identity, a key part of his online persona.

Elsewhere in face reveals, the internet holds its breath as the notorious Yikes. teased a face reveal was coming on the Colin and Samir’s Discord earlier this week.

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