The high-profile esports and gaming brand, FaZe Clan, recently introduced its newest member, Stranger Things actor and Twitch streamer, Grace Van Dien, now known as FaZe Bluefille. However, this new addition to the team was met with unexpected controversy among the existing members of FaZe Clan.

FaZe Clan, a prominent household name within the esports sector, has recently been dealing with an internal conflict as some of its founding members openly criticise the organisation. Amidst this turmoil, the recruitment of Van Dien, despite her limited experience in gaming, caused further discord, primarily due to allegations of overlooking established female creators for a celebrity figure.

This controversy was ignited by Nordan ‘Rain’ Shat, a founding member of FaZe Clan, who leaked the news of Van Dien’s recruitment before the official announcement and criticised her for her inexperience in gaming. His comments sparked a contentious debate within the community, inciting backlash from other members, including newer FaZe member, Santana, who expressed disappointment in the veteran members’ remarks.

The dispute escalated further as Van Dien and Rain engaged in a public feud, with accusations and personal comments being exchanged. Notably, Van Dien faced criticism for mentioning Rain’s past struggles with drug addiction. However, popular streamers including Asmongold, Hasan, and Disguised Toast came to Van Dien’s defence.

In a surprising turn of events, Rain and Van Dien arranged a meeting to discuss their issues, which unfortunately resulted in further controversy. An emotionally charged meeting, featuring both parties debating previous criticisms, concluded with Van Dien threatening to leave FaZe Clan if the video recording of the meeting was posted online.

In response to the dramatic feud, FaZe Clan issued a public statement supporting their new member and condemning her mistreatment. However, this statement met with immediate criticism from the veteran members of the FaZe Clan.

The saga reached a peak when Van Dien removed ‘FaZe’ from her Twitter bio and made her account private. This came shortly after a cryptic tweet from another FaZe member, Nate Hill, asking if anyone wanted to join FaZe Clan, to which Van Dien responded, “Is this a joke?”

As it stands, the conflict between the original FaZe Clan members and their newest recruit continues to play out, while the gaming brand faces economic challenges concerning its share price on Nasdaq. The saga of Grace Van Dien’s induction into FaZe Clan highlights the complex intersection of celebrity, gender, and power dynamics within the esports world.

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