Popular streamer and eSports personality, Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang, makes a strategic move into the competitive League of Legends esports, signaling an expansion of his presence beyond the VALORANT space. This was confirmed by Riot Games, as they unveiled the ten participating teams in the North American Challengers League (NACL) for the 2023 Summer Split, with Disguised Toast’s team among the entrants.

A wave of speculation that Toast would field a LoL team started just days ago when he took to Twitter to inquire about the best available North American LoL players, mirroring his actions when he entered the VALORANT esports scene. Although Toast has not revealed his team lineup yet, the pool of potential players is extensive, thanks to a mass exodus from the region’s tier-two scene by seven LCS organizations earlier this month.

Notably, high-profile players such as former 100 Thieves Challengers top laner Rayan “Sniper” Shoura, and former TSM AD carry Lawrence “Lost” Hui are available. Milan “Tenacity” Oleksij, a former 100 Thieves starting top laner, even responded humorously to Toast’s initial call for NA talent.

Within 48 hours, Disguised Toast went from tweeting, “yo whos the best available NA league of legends player atm thinking of starting a team” to announcing, “o boy here i go buying an esports team again.”

This new venture by Toast is anticipated to infuse some much-needed energy and visibility into the NACL, at a time when confidence in the NA path-to-pro is waning. The overall popularity of Toast in the esports and streaming scene is expected to draw attention and possibly rejuvenate the league.

Toast’s team, along with nine others, will compete for a slice of the $100,000 prize pool over a six-week regular season, with the opportunity to perform at the Riot Games Arena in Los Angeles. The first week of the NACL kicks off on June 10, marking the start of Disguised Toast’s inaugural campaign in the competitive LoL esports scene.

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